Our Partners

The Happy Turtle Straw is also a network of partners that we support and who support us day after day in our action.

Protecting Turtles

We collaborate with the PRC Turtle Sanctuary in Switzerland, which is the biggest in the country protecting more than 2600 turtles.

Zero Waste

ZeroWaste Switzerland is a non-profit association recognized by the Swiss government for being of public interest. Through its activities and its members, it inspires and supports the population, businesses, and public institutions in Switzerland to reduce waste at the source.

Plastic Free Ibiza

PFI is dedicated to working with professionals to reduce their plastic waste.

Des progrès mesurables

Savez-vous quel est l’impact de nos pailles compostables sur la protection des océans ? Suivez nos progrès pour voir comment, verre après verre, paille après paille, The Happy Turtle Straw contribue à un avenir plus radieux pour les tortues et la faune des océans.

plastic straws replaced
of plastic waste reduced
of co2 emissions prevented
turtles protected to date

Do you want to know more ?

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