It’s a nice story

Happy Turtle Straw Story

The Happy Turtle Straw was launched in February 2020, but the vision of its founders goes much further back.

Of an emotion…

During their many trips to Vietnam, Axel and Nhat, both of Vietnamese origin and founders of The Happy Turtle Straw, were touched by the problem of ocean pollution. In particular, the devastating effects of plastic straws on sea turtles.

…To a vision

They decide to act and promise to find a solution. After many months of research in Vietnam, the swiss duo developed a great alternative to single-use plastic straws, paper straws, organic plastic straws or metal straws. This is how The Happy Turtle Straw was born.

A committed innovation

The founders of The Happy Turtle Straw are using their experience to create an innovative and environmentally friendly product and a social company. They distribute part of their profits to Vietnam, to support local farmers, to help endangered turtles and to provide clean water for people in need.
When you buy a straw, you are contributing to this commitment.

Show your commitment by becoming a Happy Turtle ambassador. Here’s how.