Our revolutionary straws

The Happy Turtle Straw is based on a simple principle:
Produce a new generation of straws that are safe for oceans and marine life.


Milk Chocolate | Happy Turtle Straw

100% Plant-Based
0% PLA

Made from potatoes, tapioca and rice flours, they naturally biodegrade in 90 days.

100% plant-based colored and chemical free.
They are vegan and gluten-free.

The best alternative

Most of plastic straw alternatives today are not perfect.

Some become soggy, affect the taste of the drinks, or do not decompose well naturally.

The Happy Turtle Straw made all these issues part of the past.

Juice | Happy Turtle Straw

Safe for the oceans

and marine life

If any Happy Turtle Straw happen to fall into the oceans,  they would cause no harm to the environment and marine life.

Even better, it could feed an animal!

Contribute to protect endangered turtles

The Happy Turtle Straw has the mission to contribute to reducing plastic pollution and protecting marine life.

Every time that you will use one of our straws, you will indirectly contribute to support programs to repopulate endangered turtles around the world.

Turtle animated | The Happy Turtle Straw


How are The happy turtle straws made ?

Number icon | Happy turtle Straw
Rice, potato tapioca icon | Happy Turtle Straw

It all starts with 100% natural ingredients: rice, potatoes and tapioca.

Number icon | Happy turtle Straw
Milling icon | Happy Turtle Straw

The ingredients are ground in our factory to a powder.

Number icon | Happy turtle Straw
Transforming icon | Happy Turtle Straw

This powder is extruded into straws.

Number icon | Happy turtle Straw
Straw icon | Happy Turtle Straw

After extrusion, the straws are cut and dried.

Number icon | Happy turtle Straw
Girl drinking icon | Happy Turtle Straw

Here you are! Cheers!

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