Our Masks

According to GreenMatters.com, humans are globally using and disposing of an estimated 129 billion face masks and 65 billion plastic gloves every single month that we deal with COVID-19, unfortunately, it is estimated that 10 million masks are ending up in the ocean per month.

Surgical masks are made from polypropylene, a petroleum derivative, and can  take up to 450 years to decompose. We have decided to act by offering an alternative to single-use masks, which are already hurting animals.

Happy Turtle Mask protects animals

Our masks are certified anti-bacterial by Intertek, are very comfortable for the face and ears and easy to breathe
It is important to care about our environment and contribute to the reduction of  waste we produce.

By using The Happy Turtle Mask you not only reduce your waste, but you participate in the protection of endangered turtles.

Customized Masks

From only 10 masks your organization can reduce waste, save money, promote your brand and save endangered sea-turtles.

We provide customized masks service for your organization.

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