About Us


The Happy Turtle Straw® is a Swiss company. Our mission includes helping the reduction of plastic pollution created by the dependency of plastic straws. We are manufacturing one of the most eco-friendly alternative straw to date.  We also strive to create additional revenues for local farmers, help endangered sea turtles repopulate, and provide clean water to refugees.


The Founders of the Happy Turtle Straw® utilized their extensive experience to create not only practical and beneficial products, but they have formed a company with good social intentions. Axel and Nhat, whose parents were Vietnamese, believe in giving back to society.

Axel is a business entrepreneur passionate about the environment and has a love for sea turtles in his father’s native Vietnam. He also hopes to help with sea turtle conservation and repopulation in the future. Axel’s experience in food & beverage also consists of organic rice farming, sugarcane exporting and rum distilling

Nhat is no stranger to social entrepreneurship as his past work includes the creation of the crowdfunding platform to support Japanese victims of the Fukushima earthquake in 2011 and WaterInception.org. The latter is a non-profit organization that provides machines that generate clean drinking water from the air to refugees in Lebanon living in camps.

Together, they form a unique dynamic duo eager to put Swiss-Viet sustainable products on the map and change the way the world drinks their beverages while saving a few turtles along the way.