Our Mission

The Happy Turtle Straw’s mission is to manufacture and distribute the next generation of single-use products designed to protect our forests, our oceans, and wildlife.

A Video That Changed Everything

At The Happy Turtle Straw, our journey began with a single, powerful video seen by millions of people around the world, that stirred our hearts and ignited a mission. It was a video of a sea turtle tragically burdened by a plastic straw wedged in its delicate nostril. This became a wake-up call, a stark reminder of the profound impact our actions have on the environment and the creatures that call it home.

From that moment, the seed of an idea was sown. We envisioned a company that would not only create a product of the future, but would also stand as a beacon of change and inspire others to take concrete actions so that all animals are safe.

Environmental and Wildlife Protection 

We recognize that several substitutes for plastic products have not yet reached the desired level of effectiveness. That’s why we’ve taken an additional measure to guarantee the safety of all life on our planet, including delicate ecosystems such as our forests and oceans.

With that purpose, we have developed a straw that leaves no trace of harm behind – it’s completely safe for both nature and wildlife animals.

Better than current alternatives

We’ve endeavored to craft the finest product available for your enjoyment and that of your customers. Our straws consist of just a handful of natural ingredients – rice and tapioca – making them 100% natural and safe.

They are 100% organic, vegan, gluten-free and contain 0% chemical products, which is a major difference from existing alternatives such as paper and bio-plastic straws.

A Product for all generations 

Our straws biodegrade in less than 90 days if they end up in nature, contrary to current alternatives, which can take years to disappear.

Children love our straws, because they know they will not harm any animals and even better, can feed them.