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12 October 2021

Imagine A World Without Plastics

Can you imagine a world without plastic?  Plastic is integrated into almost all areas of society, and as consumers, we know that it is highly affordable, easy to produce, and…
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22 September 2021

How Ski Resorts And Restaurants Can Replace Single-Use Plastic This Winter

Traveling to a ski resort is one of the best adventures you could ever wish for in the winter season. The beauty of the white snow-covered mountains, enjoying a meal…
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24 August 2021

What Is The Best Alternative To Single-Use Plastic Straws For Your Customers?

One single-use plastic straw takes over 200 years to decompose. The Happy Turtle Straw takes only 90 days to biodegrade back to the earth. The best part is the straws…
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20 August 2021

PLA Straws: 5 Serious Problems With Them

When you’re adopting a new eco-friendly policy, there’s a difference between changes that actually matter for our planet’s health and changes that just look good on paper. Many food and…