Q. What ingredients are The Happy Turtle Straw® made of?
A. The Happy Turtle Straw® are mainly made from potatoes and tapioca.
Q. Are The Happy Turtle Straws® fully biodegradable?
A. Yes, they are fully biodegradable and decompose within 90 days.
Q. Are the Happy Turtle Straw® safe to eat?
A. Absolutely! Our straws are made of vegetables, and are 100% organic. You can even cook them like noodles or fry them after usage as a snack.
*So unless you have a potato or tapioca allergy, it is safe to consume a Happy Turtle Straw®
Q. Are the Happy Turtle Straws® vegan and gluten free?
A. Yes, to both! The Happy Turtle Straws® are made with only vegetable material
All coloring are natural also from vegetables
Unlike pasta straws, our straws don’t contain eggs and are 100% vegan and gluten-free
Q. How long do the Happy Turtle Straws® last in cold drinks and can they be used with hot drinks?
A. The Happy Turtle Straws® will stay strong and firm for over an hour in various types of cold drinks and maintain its shape within 2-3 hours It is not recommended to drink hot beverages with, it might cause probably injuries like tongue burns. However, they can still be used carefully and are more resilient than paper straws.
Q. What is the shelf life of the Happy Turtle Straws®?
A. When stored in a cool and dry place, our straws can last for up to 2 years.