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The Innovative Tech That Powers The Happy Turtle Straw

By 19 April 2022November 3rd, 2023No Comments
The Technology Behind The Happy Turtle Straw

The Happy Turtle Straw is an environmentally friendly and sustainable replacement for the single-use plastic straw. When it comes to plastic, it is clear that straws are a huge problem. In recent years, plastic straws have gained a lot of attention due to their direct impact on marine life especially turtles. The single-use straws are discarded either making their way to landfills or into the natural environment. Because of their size and weight, plastic straws are complicated to recycle and are one of the biggest resources that pollute our planet. 

According to recent research in 2021, 3 out of 4 people worldwide support a ban on single-use plastic. With major cities phasing out and banning single-use plastic a sustainable and affordable solution needs to be available for the consumer and business owners.

The Happy Turtle Straws are made from natural materials such as plants and vegetables without artificial chemicals, flavours, or preservatives. For this reason, they are an eco-friendly choice. Let’s look at how the straws are made and why it’s so important to swap single-use plastic.

The Technology Behind The Happy Turtle Straw

What Is The Straw Made From?

The Happy Turtle Straw is made from potatoes, rice and tapioca and is derived from the part of the product which is not intended for human consumption. For example, the potatoes are not fit for size in the retail market and would otherwise go to landfills. All of the raw ingredients in the production of the straw are sourced from what would likely become food waste. 

What About The Colours & Flavours?

The aesthetic of each straw comes from plant-based ingredients, and no chemicals, preservatives, or additives are used to make the vibrant colours. Instead, the following natural products are used:

  • Blue: Butterfly Peas Flower
  • White: Natural
  • Red and Pink: Beetroots
  • Green: Pandan Leaf
  • Yellow : Turmeric

The Technology Behind The Happy Turtle Straw

Are The Straws Gluten-Free?

Yes – The Happy Turtle Straw is 100% gluten-free. Unlike wheat or pasta straws, these are based on naturally gluten-free ingredients. 

Are The Straws Vegan Friendly?

Yes, the Happy Turtle Straws are free from animal-derived ingredients and vegetarian and vegan friendly. 

Why Does It Matter?

Marine Life

While many replacements for plastic straws exist, there is a difference between them and The Happy Turtle Straw. The Happy Turtle Straw is safe for marine life to eat. This means turtles, fish, and other marine life can safely consume The Happy Turtle Straw should it find its way into the ocean.

The Technology Behind The Happy Turtle Straw

Plastic Waste

Wealthy nations are some of the largest producers of plastic in the world. Unfortunately, the majority of the plastic waste is produced in regions such as the UK, Australia, South Korea, and China ends up being exported as plastic waste to developing countries

Reducing single use plastic is not easy. Consumers like you can show your support by aligning yourself with brands that are putting the environment first. The Happy Turtle Straw started because of the devastation witnessed first hand on the beaches of Vietnam. The sand was covered in plastic pollution and endangered marine life was suffering the most. Not only does this simple product remove tons of plastic waste from landfills each year, it also saves food from going to waste.

The Technology Behind The Happy Turtle Straw