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Why Should Festivals Consider The Happy Turtle Straws?

By 20 October 2023October 24th, 2023No Comments

More than ever, there is an increase in large-scale music festivals taking place all over the world, with a much larger population increase in garbage output.

Travel, catering, energy, supplies, and more are needed for festivals to be successful; however, they have a significant negative impact on the environment due to the continual travel, waste creation, and energy requirements they entail.

The need to embrace sustainable practices in all aspects of our lives is more important than ever as the threat of climate change feels more real every day, and despite being a vital component of society, the music industry still has a long way to go in terms of sustainability.



According to a UK study, five artists produced 19,314 kg of CO2 emissions between April and September of 2015, which is the same as the annual CO2 emissions of 1 million individuals, which means that roughly speaking, tours may use 18,720 plastic bottles annually.

This can be due to a number of elements involved in organizing a successful music festival, including the fans and bands who travel from all over the world to perform, the energy used by the instruments, lighting, and venue, and the garbage generated by the cuisine.

Every day, festivals can produce over 107 tons of garbage. In general, tours use 60 cases of water per month and 15-20 plastic bags per day.

So, how can we increase the sustainability of festivals without having to forgo them? Use The Happy Turtle Straws!

The Happy Turtle Straws are vegan, 100% plant-based straws that are made from tapioca, and rice flour. They are naturally colored, are gluten & chemical free, include 0% plastic, and possess the ability to naturally biodegrade in 90 days.

The Happy Turtle Straws offer the best alternative in comparison to plastic, paper, and bioplastic straws and all its modern alternatives since more light is being shed on their fallacy and real effects on the environment.

The Happy Turtle Straw supplies straws to the 2 largest music festivals in Switzerland;

The Happy Turtle Straw has close partnerships with the renowned Swiss Montreux Jazz Festival as well as the Paleo Festival, providing more than 100,000 straws for each.

Montreux Jazz Festival
Paleo Festival

Since the goal of The Happy Turtle Straw is to lessen plastic pollution and safeguard marine life, purchasing and using these straws only means you’re unwittingly helping fund initiatives to help repopulate turtles that are in danger of extinction worldwide.

Here is a comparison between The Happy Turtle Straws and current straw alternatives;

The Happy Turtle Straws are a viable option for festivals for a number of reasons:

1. They are more environmentally friendly than plastic straws since they can be composted and biodegraded. Festivals may lessen their impact on the environment and help with waste reduction initiatives by employing these straws.

2. Sustainability; rice stalks, along with the other natural main ingredients mentioned earlier which would otherwise be thrown away as waste, are used to make these straws, which are a natural and renewable resource of energy.

Festivals may support sustainable practices and lessen their dependency on single-use plastics by using these straws.

3. Enhance Festival Reputation: using ecologically friendly methods, such as using The Happy Turtle straws, can improve festival’s reputation. People become more and more environmentally sensitive, and they favor events that reflect their ideals. Festivals can draw participants and stakeholders who are concerned about the environment by exhibiting a dedication to eco-friendly choices.

4. Education and Awareness: the use of these straws can be a teaching tool for promoting environmental awareness of the effects of single-use plastics. Events like festivals can educate visitors about the advantages of using rice straws and inspire them to live more sustainably.

6. Innovation and Differentiation: by embracing The Happy Turtle straws, festivals may demonstrate their leadership in developing and implementing sustainable substitutes. They become more distinctive from other gatherings that continue to use plastic straws, attracting guests, sponsors, and partners who value environmental responsibility.

In addition to using our straws, festival organizers must work to make their events more environmentally friendly and comprehensive. This means that duty does not just fall on the shoulders of the attendees.

Thankfully, there are a few simple adjustments that event planners can do to make their events more sustainable, and when combined, they can have a significant impact.