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Why Hotels Should Consider The Happy Turtle Straws

By 20 October 2023October 24th, 2023No Comments

To lessen its environmental impact and encourage more ethical behavior, the hotel sector has been putting more and more emphasis on sustainability initiatives. Here are a few widespread sustainability programs and activities currently being undertaken by the hospitality industry:

1. Energy efficiency: To lower energy usage, hotels are using energy-efficient technologies and procedures.

2. Sustainable sourcing: Hotels are buying more goods and services from regional and sustainable vendors. To generate ingredients, several hotels have even developed their on-site farms or gardens.

3. Green building and certifications: Hotels are developing new structures or remodeling older ones with an eye toward sustainable design concepts.

4. Staff education and training: Hotels educate staff members on sustainability to increase awareness and encourage ethical behavior. Staff members receive training on sustainable guest service techniques, trash management, and energy and water saving, which promotes sustainability across the entire organization.

However, when it comes to the use of straws, hotels should seriously consider discontinuing the use of plastic and paper straws whilst keeping in mind that when evaluating any substitute straws, including rice straws, they should also assess elements like toughness, usability, and compatibility with various beverages to maintain a great guest experience.

The Happy Turtle Straws are the perfect substitute for both paper and plastic straws, whose perception as an “ethical” activity or replacement is being more carefully scrutinized, and here is why.

Tapioca, and rice flour are used to make The Happy Turtle Straws, which are vegan and created entirely from plants. The straws contain 0% PLA, are color, gluten, and chemical-free, and have a natural biodegradation time of 90 days.

Since more information is becoming available about the myths surrounding plastic straws and all of their contemporary alternatives, The Happy Turtle Straws represent the finest solution!

Since The Happy Turtle Straw’s mission is to reduce plastic pollution and protect marine life, by buying and using these straws, you’re unintentionally supporting the saving of turtles who are threatened with extinction all over the world.

Here are more reasons why hotels should seriously consider purchasing our happy straws once and for all, in opposition to plastic or even paper ones!

1.    Effect on the environment:

In comparison with plastic straws in particular, plastic straws are known to have a serious detrimental effect on the environment. They can linger in the environment for hundreds of years and are not biodegradable. They wind up in landfills or, worse, in streams and seas, where they endanger marine life and cause pollution. As for paper straws, despite being biodegradable, they still contribute to deforestation and need a lot of resources to produce.

2.   Climate change mitigation:

The extraction and processing of fossil fuels used in the manufacture of plastic straws results in greenhouse gas emissions and climate change. Hotels may lessen their carbon footprint and support international efforts to tackle climate change by doing away with plastic and paper straws.

3.   Adherence to regulations:

Several regions and nations have enacted laws governing single-use plastics, including plastic straws, or are considering doing so. Hotels can ensure compliance with these rules and avert potential penalties or fines by proactively ceasing to use plastic or paper straws, and use our straws instead!

4.   Customer demand and perception are changing in favor of more environmentally friendly and sustainable products. Customers are becoming more and more attracted to businesses that share their values and exhibit environmental sustainability. Hotels may satisfy the demands of ecologically concerned visitors and improve their reputation and brand image by doing away with plastic and paper straws.

5.   Cost savings:

Even though plastic straws may initially be less expensive than alternatives, over time, the expenses of waste management, disposal, and even fines can pile up. Hotels may be able to cut costs and boost their bottom line by switching to alternative solutions like The Happy Turtle Straws.

6.   Innovation and differentiation:

Adopting environmentally friendly practices, such as getting rid of paper and plastic straws, shows a dedication to innovation and forward-thinking. It enables hotel owners to stand out from rivals, draw eco-aware visitors, and establish themselves as industry leaders.

Overall, ceasing to use plastic and paper straws is in line with consumer expectations, legal obligations, and global sustainability aspirations. It improves the reputation and competitiveness of hotels in an area, contributes to a cleaner environment, aids in reducing climate change, and enhances the reputation and competitiveness of hotels in an increasingly eco-conscious world.

In order to fulfill these wishes and achieve sustainability goals, hotels have the best and most innovative solution there is; The Happy Turtle Straw! Sustainable, colorful, fun, easy to use, and edible! What else could you want? Hop on our website and social media to find out more and place your first sustainable order for a revolutionary experience!