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5 Reasons Why You Should Use The Happy Turtle Straw over Plastic Straws

By 25 January 2022March 9th, 2022No Comments

Plastic straws are widely available in the market because they are cheap and durable. In Europe, about 25.3 billion plastic straws are used every year. With this popularity comes plastic straws’ enormous contribution to pollution. According to a study by Gayer, Jambeck and Law, around 8.3 billion plastic straws currently pollute beaches around the world, and in turn will take a huge toll on marine life. This is why there are now many initiatives to lessen, if not eliminate, the use of plastic straws. From government bodies down to fast food chains, the world is trying to combat plastic pollution and save our seas.

The Happy Turtle Straw is one with the world when it comes to protecting our marine life. As our way of helping the environment, we produce innovative straws that hold a lot of advantages over single-use plastic straws. Let’s dive into each:

They Have No Weird Taste

Have you noticed that whenever you take a sip using a plastic straw, you get a bit of a taste of the plastic along with your drink? With The Happy Turtle Straw, you are spared from this experience. Although made of plant-based materials, you won’t be able to taste them at all, allowing you to enjoy the pure taste of your drink while making an immediate impact on the earth.

They are Home Compostable

Because The Happy Turtle Straw is made out of plant-based materials such as rice, tapioca and potatoes, our straws will decompose back into natural elements in a compost setting, guaranteed. The compost produces CO2, water, inorganic chemicals, and biomass at a pace similar to that of conventional biodegradable materials, with no visible, recognizable, or harmful residue. That’s a big win for the environment.

They Truly are Biodegradable

Single-use plastic straws are non-biodegradable. They don’t break down quickly into harmless compounds, which means that they stay in their manufactured form for a long period of time. Unlike plastic straws, however, The Happy Turtle Straw is fully biodegradable because it is 100% plant-based. Our straws will begin to degrade just a few days after you use them. You spare yourself from the guilt of harming the environment because your straws degrade when you are done using them, safely breaking down into compost-friendly elements.

They Take Less Time to Degrade

Speaking of the degradation period, The Happy Turtle Straw degrades way less than plastic straws do. Plastic straws take hundreds of years to decompose, which means they stay in our landfills, or in the ocean, for a very long period of time, increasing the chances that they harm marine life. With The Happy Turtle Straw, you do your part in lessening plastic pollution.

Safe for Marine Life

Because The Happy Turtle Straw are compostable and biodegradable, and takes a lot less time to degrade than plastic straws, it is completely safe for our seas. Our straws won’t end up harming any marine life, and in fact, they are even edible by animals! So, if by some chance our straws do end up in the ocean within the 90 days it takes them to decompose, they are still safe for marine life because they can be consumed by fish, sea turtles and other marine animals. Here is a video of some little fish snacking on The Happy Turtle Straw:

So, it’s time to ditch the plastic straw and make better decisions for the environment. Take part in preventing plastic pollution by using The Happy Turtle Straw in your drinks. Sip guilt-free, and together, let’s save our seas!

For more information, visit our website. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to assist.